Top Architects Pacific Palisades

Hire top architects in Pacific Palisades from Ames Peterson International when your dream home requires the expertise of a specialty designer and builder- we are often chosen for our experience in building luxury and highly-efficient homes. When attention to detail matters, collaborate with our team on the design of your home, building materials, and eco-friendly options for completing your construction project. We believe we can offer you the best possible experience from beginning to end.

3 Reasons a Consultation is Essential Before Hiring an Architect

1. While no construction project can go from start to finish without a few unforeseen issues arising, architects with experience can prevent big surprises from delaying your move-in date. If you want your home to remain on the front burner, moving forward with certainty week after week, it’s important that you choose top architects in Pacific Palisades who know how to handle obstructions and interruptions when they present themselves. At Ames Peterson International, we make your goals ours, as well, when you give us the honor of building your dream home. Consult with our firm to see why we are the best choice.

2. Communication is one of the cornerstones of establishing a working relationship with an architect. Without clear and concise communication, you can expect problems to emerge over the weeks and months to come. The initial consultation is the right time to determine whether you can work with an architect and designer to turn your dreams into a completed living space. While many good firms have the skills to build your home, only a handful are experts in communication. Let’s sit down and talk about your ideas- call Ames Peterson International to get started.

3. You can consider the investment you make in consulting with an architect similar to the costs you would pay a home inspector before buying a property. The small fee you pay to gain access to the insight and expertise of a knowledgeable architect is well worth the cost when choosing someone to build your home. Consult with Ames Peterson International and one or two other architecture firms, compare notes, spend a few days considering your options, and go with your gut instincts on which firm has more to offer you. We would love to show you what we’re made of.

At API, we believe a modern home is more than just a home that corresponds to today’s trends and statements, rather, we feel your modern home should transcend all time boundaries and prove to be relevant in the years and decades to come, regardless of future architectural biases.

Our top architects in Pacific Palisades build highly-efficient, luxury homes for clients who understand the value of timeless appeal and seamless indoor-outdoor living. If you have questions for our team or wish to set up a consultation, call our office at (424) 278-1125 in West Hollywood or (561) 274-6444 in Florida. Continue to explore the free resources on our website to see past projects, a list of our awards, and more information about our firm.

Top Architects Pacific Palisades

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