One of the most critical decisions for designers, developers, manufacturers, and distributors of electronics is choosing a competent EMC testing laboratory. Choosing an incompetent testing lab could result in many problems, including delays in marketing your products, added costs, inability to sell your products in specific countries. Fortunately, Compliance Testing LLC is a reliable lab equipped with state of the art equipment and tools for electronics testing.

What is the importance of EMC testing?

Countries have specific compliance standards that electronics manufacturers must meet. Choosing a reliable testing service such as Compliance Testing LLC ensures you avoid the problems associated with non-compliance. Consider several factors when choosing an EMC testing laboratory.

Make sure the testing lab you choose has the expertise you need to test your products accurately. You can tell if a testing lab has the capability and expertise you need by speaking to one of its representatives or main contact persons. Compliance Testing LLC allows you to speak directly to the engineers and experts who will handle your project. Our clients find our engineers to be helpful and knowledgeable.


Find out if the lab is available at the time you need them. In addition, talk to one of their representatives to determine if the lab will meet your desired deadline. Compliance Testing LLC provides clients with the specific tests they need as well as additional services they might need in the future.

Some labs will offer you a pass or fail report and send you on your way. However, Compliance Testing LLC will provide additional services, including engineering. We help our clients solve their problems immediately they run into issues so that they can get their products into the market faster. We even go the extra step of offering proactive services before testing by reviewing product designs to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

What is the importance of customer service in EMC testing?

Customer service is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an EMC testing lab. You can use several means to tell if a lab provides excellent customer service. For starters, if you have been referred to a lab by a friend or business associate, chances are the lab offers outstanding customer service. Compliance Testing LLC gets a significant portion of its business from referrals and recommendations.

You can also tell if a lab provides excellent customer service by reading reviews on reliable third party sites. In addition, read clients’ reviews on the lab’s website. It is essential to work with a lab like Compliance Testing LLC that provides excellent customer service and is capable of handling your potential future projects. Such labs provide you with the added convenience of having reliable experts working on multiple or varied projects. Our clients are in our system, which means we know their preferences and how they work.


Consider working with a lab that provides reports or results promptly. Contact the lab to determine if the report will be provided as raw data or a custom report. In addition, find out the turnaround for the report.

Compliance Testing LLC provides reliable EMC testing for both local and international products. Please contact us for details about our certifications.

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