Boca Raton Gas Pool Heating

Do you wish to extend the time you spend in your outdoor pool? Adding a Boca Raton gas pool heating or electric heater will give you access to your pool even when the weather isn’t as perfect as you’d like. Whether you’re installing a new pool or you already have one, our electric and gas pool heater services can ensure you make the most out of your investment. At Florida Pool Heating, our unbeaten installation and pool heater maintenance services will guarantee you have the perfect pool temperatures all year round.

Gas Vs Electric Pool Heaters

How do you decide which between an electric and gas heater is the best option for you? Below we compare the perks and downsides of both options.

  • Performance

A heat pump takes a lot of time to heat pool water and even longer when it’s cold. That’s because it depends on the air temperature to warm your pool. As such, the efficiency of an electric heater is determined by the temperature outside, which in turn affects how hot or cold your pool water is. Basically, a heat pump is most efficient when it’s hottest and least efficient when its coldest.

Conversely, Boca Raton gas pool heating is very fast and provides unsurpassed heating performance compared to electric. Gas heaters don’t rely on the outside air to heat your pool water. So, no matter the weather condition or time of day or night, gas heaters will efficiently heat your pool at the same rate.

  • Cost

Gas heaters are available in two options—propane and natural gas. While most people believe that gas is less expensive than electric, that’s partly true, but only when it comes to the initial cost. This means that the gas heating equipment is cheaper, but operation costs are higher in the long run.

On the other hand, the installation cost of electric pool heaters is high as they’re complex units. However, they’re less expensive in the long run. Additionally, electric heaters are more reliable than gas and last longer.

  • Environmental Impact

Compared to electric heaters, gas swimming pool heaters in Boca Raton are the least environmentally friendly pool heating options. Gas heaters are known to release a considerable amount of CO2 through gas combustion.

If you’re still not sure which between electric and gas is the best option, consider the average temperature in your location, how frequently you intend to use the heater, and whether you plan on swimming even when it’s cold. Remember, electric and gas pool heater services can guide you in making the right decision that will meet your unique needs.

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